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General Questions

What Does Provide Me?


Our club membership offers you huge savings. Our service provides you a one stop location to download and test all the premium GPL files available to all club memebers.

Website owners, Freelancers and WordPress site developers can now download the exact premium plugin, premium theme, addon, or extension offered by the 3rd party Developers.  We offer the exact files from all the Developers here in one location for you to download fast and easy. When you do not need or want to pay for the tech support or automatic updates direct from the Developers here you save your money to spend on something more critical in launching your website.

Software is always updated.  Join our newsletter or watch our Twitter feed for all your file updates.

What Is This Thing Called GPL?


WordPress is open source software (like Firefox from and they licensed their software under the terms of GNU General Public License (GPL)
This link will open in a new tab that explains the GNU/GPL License directly.

WordPress itself was created or derived from another piece of software that was also under the GPL license.  And nearly all WordPress developers of plugins, themes, add-ons and extensions follow the GPL license.

We will only provide Developer files that are fully GPL Licensed just like WordPress (self hosted software) itself.


Do I Get Updates?


Yes.  Updates are very important and we will work very fast to get those updates to your membership area as fast as we can.

Remember when you buy one of our ‘single’ items currently priced at $5.00 we extend 365 days of updates as the Developers update their files. For other club memberships those updates will be based on which membership you joined. 1-Month, 1-Year and for those who were the first few members who purchased the limited time offer of (Lifetime Membership) your updates will be endless and all files added and future price changes will not affect your Lifetime Membership

( * I know you always see this statement, but from my experience, Please always do a backup before performing any updates )


I Need Support!


So there is no confusion – If or when you need support for any of the files found here at then you must buy the software directly from the Developers.

+ Their links are shown within their product page listing – see the Additional Information Tab.

Our memberships are designed more for WordPress site developers, WordPress freelancers and site owners who have used WordPress for many months or years. For example, we may only want to ‘test’ a premium plugin or premium theme to see if solves our need and for us, support is not needed. Others will pay the small single file price of $5 to test the software and after a few months knowing they want to use the software in production, then they might decide to buy a support package directly from the Developer to resolve an issue they could not resolve on their own.

For many of us, we simply do online research and que searches for the issues at hand and spend our time finding the solution on our own.  The money we spend is our own time to research the solutions ourselves.  We research and we find our own answers, we learn. (google searches, forum, other WordPress tech forums etc.)

When you pay the full price at the Developer website then you receive the exact same ‘files’, but you also receive their direct support for that item.

  If in doubt or unsure, then always buy the support packages offered at the Developers website.

What Is Your Privacy Policy?
What Are Your Terms Of Service?
Are All The WordPress Files Exactly The Same Code The Developers Provide?


Yes, all the WordPress files here at are 100% untouched – 100% authentic.

Can These Files Be Installed At My Website?


These files can not be installed at

The files here at are for the free GPL software provided by is the location for the ‘self-hosted’ GPL software that you download and install at your hosting company.

These files can not be installed on because the website is a service from WordPress and they control all aspects of that hosting service.  For some they spend their upgrade funds on moving into the self hosted version of WordPress and install premium plugins and themes that fit their niche perfectly.

Here are a few links that shows the comparisons: and (WordPress Support)
(from the makers themselves) vs

Did You Create These Files?


This question has not been asked via email. But I want to head off any such question now with this formal statement as shown also in our Terms of Service page. is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by or in any way related to 3rd party Developers. Including: WordPress, WooCommerce, WooThemes, Elegant Themes, Rocketgenius Inc., GravityForms, iThemes, OnTheGoSystems, AppThemes

I See a Message Asking For License Key, Why?


When you install some premium plugins or themes, for example a WooCommerce extension, you may be asked to input a license key.

The key is given when you purchase the files from the Developers directly. And this allows direct tech support and automatic updates for the higher premium price that you would have to pay for x amount of sites for the given support.

However, this key is not required for the plugin or theme to function. For some of these notices you can just click the dismiss tag and others all we can do is ignore them as they will be there forever. And others there is code you can insert into your functions.php so the messages do not show.

I Have A General Question About Your Service - Can I Contact You?


Absolutely,  please send your question using our Contact Form.

Frequently Asked Questions Membership Questions

How Can You Offer Premium WordPress Products At These Low Prices?


All the packages you can download here are licensed under GPL. This means I can distribute these same files to my GPL club members and our club members save when they do not need tech support nor do they want automatic updates.

All our listed WordPress Plugins, Themes, Extensions and Addons are 100% open source GPL licensed software. We provide you the exact same files. The higher cost at the Developers website is for three things (1) The Files (2) Their support for x amount of websites and (3) Automatic update function within your WordPress control panel.

More Details: software is itself open source software and licensed under the GPL Licensed.

The GPL licensed software allows anyone to freely use, share, modify and redistribute software as they please.

WordPress plugin, extension, and theme Developers who create derivative works (their files need WordPress software to function) are encouraged to adopt the same licensing structure as WordPress, and most do.  This enables anyone to redistribute the software. Members here at will find in our archives filled with works by Developers such as: Elegant Themes, WooThemes, Gravity Forms, AppThemes, WPML and others at these lower club membership discount prices.

If you are brand new to using WordPress then it would be best to buy directly from the Developers so that you can avail of their excellent support packages. There are links to within each product page showing the direct link to the Developers main website.

Single Premium WordPress Plugin or Theme With 365 Days Updates For Only $5.00?


Yes, its really true, only $5.00. (soon will be $9.00)

This is the single most asked question. It really is that simple to only pay one small price. *See the other FAQs regarding ‘license keys’ ‘Tech support’ etc.

This is a single one time purchase. This is not a subscription.   Single item with 365 days updates! Nice.

What Membership Packages Do You Offer?


Please have a look here at our Club Membership pricing table.

How Many Websites Can I Install The WordPress Premium Plugins Or Themes?


Unlimited Websites.  The nature of GPL allows anyone to install the software on as many websites as you like.

When a Developers website offers their software based on websites that simply means they will provide you ‘Support’ for x amount of websites. Example 1-3 sites, 5 sites, upto 25 websites.  What they are offering is Tech support and automatic updates within WordPress for x-amount of websites.

But you can install it on unlimited websites or even give the files to your friends to install on their website.  That is the beauty of GPL.

How Do I Install These WordPress Updates Into My Website?


First please always create backups of your WordPress website files and your database. Always play it safe. Backup often BackupBuddy is your friend.

Manually updating your WordPress plugins and themes is easier than you may think.  Each one of us had to learn how to transfer files manually at one time.  Its only about learning a new skill.  Once you learn how to use file transfer functions you will never go back.

Once you downloaded your file(s) to your desktop you then can manually update either via sFTP to your WordPress plugin folder (wp-content/plugins/) or you can perform the updates using the WordPress dashboard.

WordPress offers a how-to manually update plugins on their website here and there are many sites that give excellent details. The WordPress howto section there at Hostgator is also a great resource. Here is their link.

Some file transfer software that we use are WinSCP and Filezilla.  For us WinSCP does it all.  And Filezilla is easy to use too. The link we have here for Filezilla is a direct link to their FULL filezilla client software download area and not the small web-based-installer that then downloads filezilla.


Most of us working with WordPress use the above manual methods to work with our WordPress websites. We find it faster to work this way. But for others there is a more convenient and less ‘Manual upgrade method’. You guessed it, a plugin.

This plug-in allows us to upload our premium plugins, extensions, or themes quickly and easily directly from our desktops (or where ever you have saved your file)

The free plugin hosted there at is called ‘Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades’ and here is the link to fetch this fabulous plugin that allows us to install, update, upgrade your Premium WordPress plug-in or theme with ease.

An added benefit of this free upgrading / updating plugin is that it also creates a backup copy of the files just replaced by the upgraded plugin or theme. You gain an zip archive of those files placed there on your word press install. Nice feature.

See also this posting at Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades –
What’s the advantage over manually updating?

This is not your download link. Go to homepage


A new member email us today that he receives this WordPress error message after clicking on the WooCommerce receipt instant download link, for his purchased GPL file that was sent to his email account.

“This is not your download link. Go to homepage”

This error means that when you clicked on the email link you were not logged in.

Please login to your ‘my-account’ area found here

We always recommend that our members bookmark this link and arrive to your downloads and account details area using the above link.

The error is coming from WooCommerce plugin [Wordpress > error] (for developers found here: woocommerce\i18n\languages\woocommerce.pot)


'Its asking for payment again' - I paid, Where are my download links?


If you just paid for a file or a Membership – all you need to do is ‘Login-In’ to your account to see your download links


Please login and (Bookmark) this link to your ‘my-account’ area is found here

Also each time you have a paid order, there in the receipt that is emailed to your email address, shows all your Membership Links there at the bottom of each and every receipt.


I Have A GPL Club Membership Question - Can I Contact You?


Absolutely,  please send your question using our Contact Form.